Thursday, December 04, 2014

Hollywood movie industry and Ridesharing: Free $15 ride credit with Sidecar

The movie industry thrives in Hollywood, a medium-sized positioned in the heart of Los Angeles. Every year, millions of moviegoers attention screenings of new movie releases. These movies are made possible because of talented film industry personnel working their movie magic. Because of new ridesharing services, millions of people can get around town. Sidecar will give new first-time riders a free $15 ride credit to take a ride.

Hollywood releases thousands of new movies into movie theaters annually. The folks behind making these Hollywood blockbuster hits probably need rides to move around Southern California. This is where Sidecar comes into the picture to make trips possible. 

Sidecar drivers are positioned in areas where riders need to ride. In Hollywood, Burbank, and in Los Angeles, Sidecar is one of the most affordable and convenient transportation alternatives. Request ride, see ETA, watch driver travel to this location, and then meet them at this requested pickup spot. 

What makes Sidecar unique is this ride sharing app requires their riders to input destinations. This is mandatory to calculate the price of this trip, which locks in the price at that rate. No hidden surprises the next morning; what you see is what you get. If your trip is quoted at $20, then the ride will cost $20. 

When riders input a rider destination, they may see different prices and ETAs. These price differences are in result of a marketplace where drivers can set rides at 1x-5x rates to compensate for luxury cars, expert city knowledge and other perks. At busy times, Uber and Lyft activate surge pricing and Prime Time, respectively. 

Sidecar drivers understand their prices must be set competitively or they risk losing ride business. When there are special events, i.e. New Year's Eve, prices will be set much higher to accommodate demand. Demand for rides is always high in Los Angeles. 

Hollywood studio personnel can expand their TMZ with requesting a Sidecar to take rides often. Sidecar is giving new first-time riders a free $15 ride credit to use instantly. Based on standard trips with no added charges, Sidecar is a very affordable transportation service to explore Los Angeles.  

Hollywood movie studio employees can make ridesharing magic happen with taking a Sidecar ride today and get a free $15 ride credit. Go to lunch and dinner, have drinks with friends, movie film equipment, attend meetings, watch your movies, go to sporting events, and use for other ride needs. 

Download this free ridesharing app at and then input Sidecar promo code qjbxk in the "add promo code" box located insde the account section. Adding this promo code will activate a $15 account credit. 

Lets make movies with Sidecar. Request a ride today and experience Sidecar magic!