Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Don't request rides in the middle of Protests

Ridesharing clients are also protesters who are demonstrating against the outcome of the controversial Ferguson and New York City Grand Jury rulings following the unarmed deaths of African American male victims Michael Brown and Eric Garner. These current protests are not as peaceful as protesters claim them to be, especially when violent protesters are going rogue on downtown businesses.

Ridesharing clients may request a ride from these demonstrations. Please be responsible and don't request a vehicle into the middle of these heated demonstrations. Input an address that is away from these demonstrations and inform your driver that you'll be at this location.

Keep in mind that many of these drivers depend on driving to survive. All it takes is a few violent protesters to throw foreign objects at them, or set their vehicles ablaze in retaliation toward the police system, and these drivers are thus doomed. As a result of this, the livelihood of these ridesharing drivers can/may be adversely impacted.

Walk a few blocks away, into a quiet business district and/or neighborhood, and then request a ridesharing ride. Furthermore, input a desired pickup address and walk there. This action could reduce any violence against drivers whose main purpose is to drive clients from their pickup address to desired destinations. Thank you.