Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Berkeley Protests closed down University Ave on Monday Night

Berkeley Protests closed down University Ave. ramp in the I-80 West direction on Monday night. This past Saturday evening, the same ramp was blocked by Berkeley Police to keep protesters back.

Berkeley Protesters spilled onto University Ave. to voice their disgust in the recent Grand Jury cases involving white police officers who both weren't indicted for the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in New York City, New York. These two deaths sparked a widespread unrest in many cities across the United States.

According to several Berkeley protesters who later used ridesharing services to return home, these current demonstrations have that 1960's and 1970's feel. We are going back into the time vault to reach out and challenge current social issues that reflect our troubled past times.

These Berkeley Protesters come from all walks of life. But for the most part, these protesters are UC Berkeley college students. One college student protester revealed that she is a photographer, while another indicated he is a law student. Another female ridesharing client shared her academic major as political science and human rights.

Ridesharing drivers must be careful driving in these heated areas. According to media outlets, Berkeley Police released tear gas to control heated crowds who started to damage businesses and loot (Whole Foods on Telegraph Ave.). Violence erupted between protesters, as well as against the police force. Stay vigilant to protect clients and yourself.