Sunday, December 21, 2014

Airport trips are charged tolls

Enjoy making those airport trips? Know that these airport trips are charged a toll fee? Clients/riders/passengers are charged toll fees, which are included in the total cost of these trips. This amount is then deducted from the driver and paid out to the airport.

The more airport trips completed, the more airport tolls are paid out. This fee structure also applies to $1 safe rides, another deduction taken from rider and given to ridesharing companies to handle administrative costs. Ridesharing fees are stacking up to cut into the bottom line.

Completing many airport trips will cut into profits. In addition to these fees, there is an equipment fee  of $10 to use a company phone and a steep 20% commission deducted from driver accounts.

What is the best case scenario to make money? Longer rides that don't involve the airport and/or surged trips, Prime Time and setting ride multipliers are the best paying trips. The less downtime, the more earnings. Less tolls, more money. Less safe ride fees, more earnings. For the most part, avoiding traffic can increase driver earnings.

Airport rides do net drivers more money, especially since these rides cover ground faster. Therefore, distance and per minute charges apply to these trips. However, no returning trips are available near the airport and waiting for clients/riders/passengers at the airport is a time sensitive issue.

Happy Ridesharing!