Friday, December 12, 2014

$10 a week data fee to use Uber iPhone

Uber drivers are not earning much with losing the $1 safe ride fee and now paying $10 per week for the Uber phone. If you think about it, drivers are losing thousands losing one fee and paying out another fee. What do drivers do to make more money?

Uber drivers can choose to purchase a new phone. These drivers already use their personal phones to take client calls and receive text messages. Maybe some drivers have small data plans that are not enough to handle app usage. Word of advice is to increase data plan and purchase a newer phone.

You're paying $520 per year for a second rate phone. It is locked. You can't access email, voice calling, and text messaging. What is least appealing is that drivers who want to use the navigation must rely on Apple Maps or that terrible, one-dimensional in-app navigation feature that can't re-route unless drivers make U-turns. It also sends many drivers up hills that have no outlets.

Do you want to pay $520 a year for this Uber I-Phone? Are you convinced that you need to turn in this phone and request the personal driver app to be loaded on a personal phone? What are you waiting for? Did you know that for $200 or $300, you can purchase a new I-Phone 6? Well, you can.

If you keep using this second-rate Uber phone, you will lose out purchasing this new I-Phone. Upgrade your phone and revise your data plan to accommodate this app usage. Stop wasting $10 per week on a locked phone. If Uber allowed Google Maps to be downloaded, then the $10 per week would be slightly worth the cost. It is not worth $10, especially when this phone doesn't take calls and accept text messages from clients. Personal phones are required to perform this activity.

Make a smart decision today to turn in your Uber I-Phones. Before you do this, purchase a better phone and upgrade your data usage to avoid overage charges. Plan ahead to avoid wasting $520 a year on an unappealing phone that has poor 3G technology, crashes often, and can't catch a signal in outermost parts of cities. It is not worth it!