Thursday, November 13, 2014

Winner of Sidecar contest: November 2014

Image rights: Sidecar

In a recent Sidecar contest, this funny rider won a year of free Sidecar rides. Their hilarious response is true; Uber charged a fortune during Outside Lands and clients had no choice but to accept these outrageous prices. Shared Rides on Sidecar could have taken this rider well into the Bay Area.

On another note, UberX drivers kept getting client cancellations, nearly 5-7 in a row. Uber clients even watched these UberX drivers travel toward them and cancelled right at Outside Lands. It is not like these drivers earned good money driving clients to and from this music event.

However, Uber drivers who were lucky enough to land these 5X rides mined gold in San Francisco. Imagine the cost of these trips within San Francisco city limits - $100-$200 trips.

Congratulations to this Sidecar rider for winning free Sidecar rides for a year. If she owns a vehicle, she can now sell this and maximize these free rides. Nonetheless, it really depends on whether there are any restrictions on taking the free rides and whether she must stay within San Francisco.

Between the fine lines, this free ride winner receives $200 credit per month for 12 consecutive months. There are restrictions to these free rides. $200 per month is an awesome budget, especially if used right to travel within San Francisco. Shared Rides will take a Sidecar rider on an expedition.

What if this rider wanted to take a ride through the spectacular trip throughout the Bay Area? All we know is that this Sidecar rider will eating delicious cookies while riding in a Sidecar until next year. She can wave to all those 2015 Outside Lands people waiting to take an Uber, telling them it sucks to be you because I am saving. Do you want to share a ride to Madagascar? Awesome ride!