Monday, November 10, 2014

Why does an UberPool client dislike Lyft?

An UberPool client shared that he will never use Lyft again. Why does he feel this way about the fun and loving Pink Mustache company?

Apparently, several Lyft drivers, on many different occasions, contacted this Uber client and confirmed they would show up soon, but then went into another direction and eventually cancelled the trip.

Uber clients are used to fast pickups. When drivers are further out, they cancel these trips in favor of quicker ETAs.

This Uber client has a point, that Lyft drivers are irresponsible with cancelling rides when confirming they would be on their way to retrieve them. It is unethical and unprofessional to operate in this manner.

At Lyft, the ride community can't expect much. All the brains of this ridesharing company are stored in those large Pink Mustaches. Drivers are treated like manure. Moreover, deactivations put many good drivers out in the cold. Cold treatment with releasing drivers around Christmas exposed this unethical treatment.

Drivers are given poor advice to purchase vehicles to go lyfting, and then are deactivated a few weeks later with no backup plan to survive this unplanned outcome. The Lyft trade dress blocks the heat from escaping the front grill. If put on the dashboard, this trade dress fogs up the windshield.

Time-after-time again, Lyft sweeps this behavior under the Pink Mustache in an attempt to cloud their poor business practices. Recently, the star rating threshold changed to where 4.76 is a good score. Last December, a 4.79 would trigger a deactivation.

Don't listen to Lyft about their deception that all drivers are given an opportunity to succeed at Lyft. This ridesharing company lacks basic leadership to run a rideshare network.

This Uber client has a right to dislike Lyft. He believes their drivers are unprofessional and unreliable. According to this client, he will never use Lyft again because their drivers constantly let him down. Fist-bumping and Pink Mustaches irritate many Bay Area riders. Lyft is relentless.