Sunday, November 02, 2014

Which Ridesharing Company was involved in a fatal accident on I-80 in Roseville, Ca?

On New Year's Eve, an UberX driver killed a 6-year old girl in San Francisco. Sadly, another ridesharing driver missed hitting a broken down vehicle on I-80 near Roseville, and crashed into two trees in the process. A 24-year-old male passenger, in this Toyota Camry ridesharing vehicle, died at the scene.

These two passengers were having drinks and wanted a safe ride home from a Halloween party. In the end, a mixture of poor weather, unsafe speed for weather conditions and another factor such as a stalled out vehicle, may have resulted in this horrific crash that took the life of an innocent man.

The news of this ridesharing death was reported on Channel 12 (KTXL)/Fox40 in the Bay Area and covered on News10 ABC website. A ridesharing company, which the news channel confirmed as an Uber driver who was driving these passengers under the Lyft platform as a Lyft driver, was involved in this fatal accident. Although the CHP haven't charged any of the drivers, an investigation is expected to be conducted, as mentioned on the Fox40 News website.  

According to this news website, they attempted to contact Uber on this accident and nobody could be reached at this ride technology company to provide any explanations on this fatal accident. Nevertheless, the Uber driver was actually driving on the Lyft platform at the time of this accident. It was speculated by CHP, that this Lyft driver may have been driving too fast for road conditions.

This stalled out vehicle (Kia) sat in the middle lane, at night, on a freeway and with bad weather. Any motorist could have collided with this vehicle and/or swerved around it and caused a huge pile up. It is a really sad accident. Because a ridesharing company is involved, this story is making its rounds on media websites to challenge ridesharing services. 

We pray for the family and friends of this 24-year-old passenger and hope he will rest in peace. He left this world at such a young age. 

Beware of bad weather conditions. Adjust to these unfavorable road conditions; don't speed, don't follow too close, and scan the roads for parked vehicles. Use precaution to prevent accidents. Ridesharing is no fun and games. Stay alert driving.