Sunday, November 16, 2014

Verify text messages sent to clients

Text messaging can get people into trouble. Imagine a driver waiting for a client who is taking too long. They send a text to a family member and/or friend to tell them about this client.

However, this text reaches the client instead. How can a driver transport a client after this mixup? Saving face won't work if a driver berates their passenger behind their back and this is revealed via a text message.

Don't text anything about clients making you wait. The most important part of ridesharing is safety. In order to improve safety, a driver must be patient. A lack of patience can result in an accident.

Text messages have ended relationships, broken up marriages and can possibly get you deactivated if the wrong message is sent to the wrong person. Beware of this technological advancement identified as text messaging. Restrict texting and/or make sure this text message is reaching the right party.

Never text and drive. It is not worth the potential outcome. This text can wait. Drive responsibly.