Tuesday, November 04, 2014

UberX Drivers get no tips

Clients want to tip their UberX driver. Unfortunately, Uber hasn't listened to their clients and drivers to add this feature in the app. Therefore, UberX drivers don't get tipped.

Lyft drivers get tipped. Sidecar drivers get tipped. UberX drivers don't get tipped.

Uber wants to implement the lowest fares in the transportation industry. They keep lowering prices to make rides really cheap during non-surged times. What Uber fails at doing is listening to their clients and drivers.

Clients want to tip their drivers. They don't have cash on hand. The Uber app disallows tipping. Clients have requested to tip their drivers numerous times. They can't. As with the in-app navigation predating its launch in May, the Uber app made accepting requests extremely hard for drivers.

UberX drivers must accept a ride in motion. They pull to the side of the road to input an address on a second phone. They may perform this action at a stop sign, at a stop light and/or in a parking lot. It was no easy task to make pickups under this flawed system.

Uber finally listened and added an in-app navigation feature. However, this update appeared good but drivers learned that it's also one-dimensional and flawed navigation system. It won't reroute until a driver makes a U-turn. It gives one route that is much longer and more expensive. The pin drop issue still remains a major problem that delays pickup times.

A Los Angeles UberX driver followed the Uber in-app and drove 6 miles longer, a route that is not that efficient. If this driver used Google Maps, he would have driven 6 miles less and took a far better route. The cost of this ride was $10+ more. How many times does this happen with clients? This is a different topic we will touch upon at a later time.

Clients are unable to tip their drivers. This action is not permitted on the Uber app. UberX drivers have lost thousands of dollars worth of tips in this year alone. Uber still doesn't listen; they still haven't made any updates to include a tipping option. Nice work from a billion dollar company!

Lyft drivers are getting tipped. Sidecar drivers receive tips. UberX drivers wish they received tips.