Sunday, November 02, 2014

UberX driver is told he should be with Lyft

An UberX driver transported a couple to their San Francisco Twin Peak's apartment. A female client kept telling their UberX driver he should be with Lyft and not Uber.

According to her, this UberX driver was extremely friendly and talkative, unlike most Uber drivers. He doesn't belong with Uber and deserves better. This UberX driver fits the Lyft and Sidecar model. 

If Lyft had not done this driver wrong, he would still be driving with them. Unfortunately, the driver shared that Lyft deactivated his account for dipping down to 4.79 for his previous 100 rated trips. 

Lyft deactivated this driver's account a few weeks before Christmas, prompting him to eventually drive on the UberX platform a month later. 

This UberX driver is a product of Lyft's social theme. He enjoys talking to people. He is very respectful, extremely careful and shows great professionalism. Most of all, this driver is patient. 

Lyft makes this mistake often to get rid of great drivers. They use their star rating system as an excuse to deactivate drivers. Thereafter, Lyft recruits rookie drivers who must learn how ridesharing services work. They get confused in San Francisco, taking wrong roads, going down 1-way streets, getting lost, and getting nervous. 

Welcome to on-demand ridesharing at Lyft. Great drivers are expendable at Lyft. 

This UberX female client is right that this UberX driver should be with any ridesharing company besides Uber. She was mad that this good driver gave rides on the Uber platform.

She goes on to say that Uber drivers are not that bright. You're not an Uber driver. You need to be with Lyft. For the most part, Lyft's social theme is the reason this ridesharing company remains competitive. This former Lyft driver took his Lyft experience with him, now delivering thousands of memorable rides on the UberX platform.