Tuesday, November 25, 2014

UberX client gets mad and wants to take Sidecar

An UberX driver shared that he pulled over to the side of 16th and Valencia Street in San Francisco to make a drop-off. He shut his Uber app down to give his client some information on how ridesharing works. His client sat upfront. They talked about ridesharing for a few minutes.

Another UberX client unexpectedly opened the backdoor and informed the UberX driver of his destination. This UberX driver requested the name of this client's driver. He asked, "What is the name of your driver?" The UberX client shared the name of his driver.

This Uber driver told this client that his driver may arrive soon. He must position himself at the pickup address so this driver can locate him. The Uber driver wasn't his driver, so he couldn't drive this client.

This client asked this driver if he had any water to give him. Unfortunately, the driver gave away his last bottle of water to a previous client and said, "No, I'm sorry. I don't have anymore water. I gave the last bottle to my previous client."

This confused and drunken Uber client got mad and threw a tantrum. He pouted like a kid and said, "You guys are weird. I'm taking Sidecar," and slammed the backdoor. On his way to the cross-walk, he wobbled and seemed agitated. His friend, waiting on the corner, probably asked him if that was their Uber.

The client sitting in the front seat told his driver, "What is wrong with that guy? He is a strange drunk." It was a weird situation because this confused client should know the model and make of his Uber ride. Why would he think another Uber driver who already has a client sitting in their vehicle could be his ride?

Uber clients who get drunk in San Francisco are clumsy, rude, inpatient, confused, vomit risks, and many of them don't understand how to use ridesharing services. Beware of these riders.

Ridesharing drivers take note: Ask the name of the client. Confirm inputted rider destinations to make sure this address is right. This address will confirm this is the right client. Even though you never experienced driving the wrong client, this may happen in the near future. It may be rare, but it is possible since clients assume an Uber vehicle of any type is their requested ride.