Sunday, November 02, 2014

UberX client asks his driver how he can tip him

An UberX client taking a ride to Richmond, Ca asked his driver how can tip him at the destination. This driver told this client you can't tip me on the app, as there is no tipping option available. Unfortunately, Uber is far behind their competitors in the tipping department. Lyft and SideCar drivers receive tips. However, UberX drivers don't receive tips on the Uber app.

Failing to include a tipping option for hard working drivers is a slap in the face. It is another major drawback on Uber's app, next to the poor GPS that plots their clients at different pickup addresses. This pin drop issue delays many trips, causes UberX drivers to receive poor feedback and star ratings, and disrupts the ridesharing flow to slow down everything.

At least Uber is worth billions of dollars. However, they don't operate like a billion dollar company because their client and driver support is bottom-line, bottom of the barrel. Clients can't call a physical person at Uber to address their concerns. Sadly, all communication depends upon email contact. Drivers can't send text messages to Uber support. Uber support takes a few days to respond back. Whenever passengers lose items, drivers take it upon themselves to return them to clients.

Meanwhile, Lyft drivers can send text messages to Lyft support and call them to report issues. Lyft and Sidecar drivers get tipped often. UberX drivers must depend on high surged rides to make up this different. These two ridesharing companies operate a quality ride platform.

UberX clients are getting smarter to not request rides during surge pricing. Drivers have reported driving through these heat areas at the time of surge pricing and no clients are requesting any rides. Once surge pricing disappears and demand returns back to normal, clients are then requesting rides again. This is obviously a smart move by clients, who demand answers for excessive use of surge pricing.

We will take a stand and not request rides at surge times, a client said. Should we get a ride or wait? UberX may have no choice to request rides to the airport, to work, when it's raining, and to home. This holiday season is shaping up to be extremely busy. Expect surge pricing to be constant throughout November, December and early January.

No tipping option, poor pin location, bad navigation that is one-dimensional, technical issues that crash driver app, drunken clients, vomit in rides, slow support system, high commission, Uber keeps $1 safe ride per client, low cleaning reimbursement, and bottom line client and driver support make Uber a distant third behind Lyft and Sidecar.

Uber, listen up. Do your drivers a favor and add a tipping option to reward them. Clients want to tip their drivers and you still haven't implemented this feature into your app. The Uber driver app makes tipping an impossible action, which is unfair for UberX drivers. Taxi drivers get rips. Lyft drivers get tips. Sidecar drivers get tips. UberX drivers get no tips.