Sunday, November 09, 2014 coverage on a domain website

The popular domain investing website covered the Vanity Fair story revealing how Uber Technologies Inc., acquired their domain name.

It is interesting to read coverage on the acquisition of, especially when this company relies on its name like Facebook and its As most ride app users know, Uber is quickly becoming a household name. is a domain name with massive appeal, because this ride provider is managing a large group of independent contractors who are completing nearly/over a million trips a week.

When people think of a private ride, they identify this ride as Uber. I'm getting an Uber to go home? Do you want to share an Uber? Are you Ubering tonight? Uber is competing with the 'taxi' term, both meaning to catch a ride home with a transportation service from the airport, from a bar, from a restaurant, and from anywhere else a rider prefers.

As trendy as Uber is among transit riders, there are quite a few San Francisco residents who don't know what Uber is and what they do. The most common perception is that Uber owns a fleet of cars and their private drivers pick-up and drop-off passengers at prearranged locations on their behalf.

In fact, Uber is the complete opposite. Uber Technologies Inc., is responsible for designing the Uber app, which can connect approved drivers using the driver app to clients requesting a ride via the client app. Therefore, two active apps create a ride connection. Drivers must be online in order to accept these ride requests.

On the Uber platform, the closest driver to a client is given 20 seconds to accept this ride. If this ride request is accepted, the driver and client are connected. However, drivers ignoring this ride request will get logged off and must reactivate the driver app.

Uber manages driver accounts, ensuring all drivers meet  have a valid vehicle registration, possess a driver license, pass a 19-point vehicle inspection, hold personal insurance (UberX and UberPool) and commercial insurance (UberBlack, Uber SUV and other services) and pass an extensive background check. Uber owns no vehicles.

All rides completed between Monday-Sunday are paid out to drivers via direct deposits made every Thursday morning.

Uber is estimated to maintain greater than 500,000 active clients on their ride platform. Nevertheless, Uber drivers complete on average of 1 million trips per week, on their ride platform. UberX is Uber's top ridesharing platform. For the most part, Uber receives at least 20% commission from their drivers.

Ridesharing rival Lyft is Uber's closest competitor. This on-demand ridesharing platform, known for their Pink mustache, has delivered over a million rides in 2013.

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