Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Uber stops sending Weekly Summary again: Last Weekly Summary on October 14

Uber is withholding the Weekly Summary again. The last Weekly Summary sent via email occurred on October 14, providing driving details of trips taken from October 6-12. Uber stopped sending their Weekly Summary after the last summary arrived on October 14.

The Uber Weekly Summary is nonexistent. It stopped on October 14. Three weekly summaries are missing, which we suspect is to cloud reduced earnings due to reduced fares. With reduced fares, it is obvious that drivers must use more gas, drive more miles and complete more trips to make the same earnings. If Uber thinks their drivers are unintelligent to not know, think again.

Drivers review these Uber Weekly Summary emails to measure driving behavior. When these summaries disappear, then weekly ratings, number of trips taken, previous ratings, acceptance rate, hot hours to drive, hours worked, and hourly rate estimate are being withheld from drivers. It is already known that Uber blocked access to dashboard ratings to review daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trips and earnings.

Any average person knows that when prices are reduced, a greater amount is sold. Therefore, reducing fares almost 15 percent will increase ride requests and require drivers to take more trips, drive miles, and spend more time online to make the same money. The best way to measure earnings is to compare feedback between previous weeks. If the Uber Weekly Summary is missing again, drivers are unable to review this activity.

Most UberX drivers shared that reduced fares have severely impacted their weekly earnings. As a result of this fare decrease, they must drive more hours and complete more rides to sustain the drop in prices. The same rides won't pay out as much now as before. Unless surge pricing is activated, the cost of a trip from downtown San Francisco to outer Sunset and outer Richmond is not that appealing. Nevertheless, price wars between Uber and Lyft impacted driver earnings and increased hours driven.

Having access to Uber's Weekly Summary is a reliable financial tool to measure driver performance. For the most part, Uber has halted this summary again, for the second time in the previous 2 months. Recently, this summary stopped for over a month but made its return last month. This weekly summary is missing again. Drivers are left in the dark without this weekly summary; they can't review trip data to avoid driving the worst time and days as well as increase hours to work at hot times. To be continued...