Monday, November 10, 2014

Uber now charging Partners for Ride Promo Cards

Uber is no longer giving their Partners ride promo cards for free. The Uber iPhone was once free, but now Partners pay $10 a month to retain this equipment. Requesting new promo cards will cost Partners additional money, which will be deducted from direct deposits. Nothing is free at Uber.

Promo cards provide Uber with additional business. However, this ride technology company overlooks this gain and choose to deduct money from their hard working Partners.

Why charge Partners for these ride promo cards? These ride promo cards are designed with extras, which are not necessary to gain new clients. Give Partners a break. They already incur many fees and expenses Ubering around busy cities. Now, drivers must pay for promo cards. Seriously?!

Drivers should design their own promo cards. Uber is only giving their Partners $5 per new client. In the long run, Uber will gain thousands of dollars through this client and their friends, family members and co-workers. Word-of-mouth is also a powerful influence in this sizzling ridesharing movement.

UberX drivers are losing out $1 per trip, a fee that once got credited into their driver payouts. Partners who choose to retain the Uber iPhone must pay $10 per week. Get this; this phone is locked so no emails, text messages, are calling are allowed.

Additionally, no app downloads (not even on wi-fi), no Google Maps (only inferior Apple Maps), and web surfing of any type (not even on wi-fi) are permitted on this phone. Essentially, this iPhone is one-dimensional. Only the Uber driver app works on this phone.

Would you pay $10 per week to keep using this phone? Normally, Verizon is a reliable cellular service. Nevertheless, poor cell coverage areas make shutting down trips impossible. The motivation behind retaining this Uber iPhone is to maintain great cellular service to avoid technical issues.

Unfortunately, this iPhone and Verizon service are both unreliable. Repairs, maintenance, and gas cost a fortune. Uber deducts $10 per week for drivers who continue to use the Uber iPhone. UberX Partners are no longer receiving the $1 safe ride fee. Uber collects this fee from drivers and keeps it. To top it all off, Partners are now expected to pay for ride promo cards. Wow!

All Partners who request promo cards must pay the following prices:
  • 100 cards - $5.99 ($.60 per card average)
  • 500 cards - $9.99 ($.20 per card average)
  • 1000 cards - $18.99 ($.19 per card average)

Hand out Uber promo cards to random strangers and they may toss your hard earned money in the garbage. What if the ride credit changes? Then, these promo cards are rendered useless. Are Partners that confident in recruiting new clients, that they will invest in these promo cards? 

How many new clients are taking rides and making drivers money? No drivers are reporting any significant gains via these ride promo cards. Charging drivers for what could be part of traditional operating expenses leave a sour taste in their mouths.