Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Uber doesn't match guaranteed hourly pay a second time

Uber advertised $38 and $40 an hourly guaranteed hourly earnings on two occasions. These guaranteed rates were offered during the Treasure Island Music Festival and Nike Women's Half Marathon weekend and this Halloween Weekend. During these two periods, an UberX driver didn't get matched during the hours driven between approved times.

The last time Uber matched this driver was on Pride Weekend. Uber's Weekly Summary showed this data, so the driver could review driving activity and know they didn't earn $45 an hour.

However, Uber Weekly Summary is nonexistent. Drivers lack access to this data to determine if they earned at least $38 and/or $40 an hour driving during these times. As drivers know, clients will request rides and wait to cancel. They influence driver earnings performing this activity. Clients request rides, and then use the Uber cancellation policy to their advantage. Why care? 

Drivers will eventually get smarter. One driver reported that a client requested him three times. This client never showed up, never answered his phone and never responded to text messages. He also canceled one of these rides on his own. In all, this client wasted a good portion of this driver's time and cost him money. Uber's response to this situation is that this client is new to the system and didn't know how to use it. This driver shared that this client is experienced, as he knew how to input rider destination, request rides and could change pickup locations. This driver knew how to escape this area to avoid this toxic activity. 

Whenever cancellations occur, they impact driver earnings. They take drivers away from busy areas, and even hook them until this ride is canceled. The client won't pay a fee, as this is their first time cancelling a ride and/or being a no-show. What if this driver invested 50 minutes into this ride? Drivers get nothing in return: waste gas, waste time and no compensation. 

Uber offers an hourly guarantee to convince drivers to get on the road. Without the Uber Weekly Summary, drivers can't review their driver activity to determine if they didn't make at least the minimum of $38 and/or $40 an hourly. A driver reported that on these two weekends, driving the times Uber designated as guaranteed hours, they didn't get matched. They didn't earn $38 an hour during the Halloween times. 

On their Partner Statement, they didn't receive no compensation for these hours driven. There is no way to review this data, especially since Uber halted this summary almost 3 weeks ago. The busy music and race weekend and this past Halloween Weekend are not reviewable without this summary. Drivers are getting tricked to get on the road. These hourly guarantees are not being paid out. Drivers who drove during the Treasure Island Music Festival and Nike Women's Marathon may have earned less than the $38 an hour guarantee. Then, they receive a Partner Statement that doesn't match them.

The $1 safe ride fee that Uber charges the rider and removes from the Partner's account is another revenue generator. It makes Uber millions of dollars. Commission remains a constant. Gas cost is up. More trips are taken to compensate for low fares. Who is really making the money? 

Why are drivers who provide a service to make a ride company highly successful getting mistreated? Ask Uber.