Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Uber delivered Direct Deposits early

Uber Partners, hopefully most of them, are getting paid early. A pad on Uber's back for making this direct deposit happen before a major holiday. Usually, a bank holiday means that direct deposits will occur on Friday instead of Thursday. Uber delivered direct deposits earlier than expected and this most likely helped out many Partners who relied on their payments ahead of the holiday.

Uber sent out emails to inform Partners they would do their best to make direct deposits on Wednesday, ahead of Thanksgiving and before Friday. In the past, bank holidays delayed direct deposits and put many drivers in a major jam.

It seems the wheels are turning smoothly at Uber. For those Partners who are fortunate enough to get paid early, consider these Wednesday deposits a blessing in disguise. Partners who don't see direct deposits this Wednesday morning must wait until Friday morning.

Uber is doing their best to streamline these direct deposits on Wednesday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving!