Monday, November 10, 2014

Uber Client receives a trip cost after not cancelling ride

An Uber client shared that they received a $10+ cancellation fee. However, the $10 and change amount didn't add up on the UberX platform. Cancellations on UberX cost clients $5.

It seemed rather odd to receive a charge with change added into the mix. Therefore, the client's second driver asked this client whether they had a copy of the trip invoice. This driver suspected that another UberX driver may have started the meter and drove a route to make up for them not cancelling this ride. It is highly unprofessional to behave this way.

Never, never, never take advantage of clients. They are the wheels that make ridesharing turn.

The client located the trip invoice and reviewed this charge. As expected, this San Francisco UberX driver took a route that cost $10 and change. Instead of cancelling this trip as a "no-show," the UberX driver started the ride and drove a few miles. They stopped the trip and earned $10 and change.

It's unfortunate this driver cheated their client. There is better explanation to evaluate this charge. We don't believe in any accidents, because ridesharing drivers understand how to cancel rides. Nevertheless, charging a client to make up for a lost trip is a low-class move.

Ridesharing drivers must remember that clients/passengers/riders are their primary source of business. Treat them right to keep busy and earn a living.