Sunday, November 16, 2014

Uber app problem: Ending rides

Uber driver app is regularly updated to enhance performance. However, this inferior app continues to regress. Drivers who end trips are not asked if they are sure they want to end this ride.

Ending rides on the Uber ride platform is a big problem. What if clients don't inform their driver they need additional drop-offs and this trip is ended prematurely? This driver can inform the client to request another ride from them. But for the most part, performing this action is an inconvenience for both clients and drivers.

A simple feature, which was available before May 2014 app updates, asked drivers whether they wanted to end this trip. As of right now, drivers who end trips are directed to rate the client. There is no backtracking to reopen the trip again or to stop this action.

This billion dollar ride technology company continues to make unimpressive changes that influence clients and drivers, alike. Clients are not always straightforward about multiple drop-offs. They may want to extend their rides, which could present trip issues when ending the ride at the first rider destination. Riders change their minds often, so returning the old popup to ask drivers to end or continue on is an important feature.

Updating the Uber app to ask drivers if they want to end the trip with a simple 'yes' and/or 'no' can reduce trip issues. Before May, the driver app asked this questions before drivers fully closed down trips.

What we're hearing from drivers is that too many new updates are failing to improve the driving experience. We will cover these Uber app flaws in future articles.