Friday, November 21, 2014

Two worst UberX Clients

UberX clients are usually cool people. Some are social, some are antisocial. It is understandable to remain silent during trips, as not every person wants their driver sharing stories. A ridesharing driver who has completed nearly 2000 rides encountered many unique clients. Two of the worst UberX clients were not his three vomit experiences.

In Oakland, this ridesharing driver picked up three women. These women were talking about men hitting on them, who were actually married and they didn't like these straying dogs. Nothing in the trip went wrong to dislike this group of women. They all drove into Taco Bell to order food.

At the end of the trip, the client who sat in the front seat, pressed the end button the driver's phone and gave herself 5 stars. This is one of the rudest actions while performing ridesharing services. Why would this client touch the phone and end rides and rate herself a 5 star?

Out of 2000 rides, this "rating yourself" action only occurred once. This driver could have easily contacted Uber and requested this rating to be revised and explained the situation. He didn't take this action, because he realized you can't change people like this.

In another trip, this ridesharing driver drove a Facebook employee and his bike across the city. He was happy to get a nice luxury vehicle to pick him up. Everything went well until the end. This client ended the ride on the driver app and rated himself. It is kind of shocking for this client to touch his driver's phone without permission. His attitude during the trip convinced the driver to forgive this action.

These clients ending rides and rating themselves only happened twice in 2000 rides. It seems these clients have no boundaries. They should know better than to touch a driver's phone. What sets these two clients apart from the rest are two opposing situations. The female rider wanted to protect her star rating. However, the male client worried about the cost of the ride. He wanted this ride to end while removing his bike from the trunk. Both clients disrespected the same driver. Some drivers are not as forgiving, especially if clients touch their personal possessions such as a phone.

Two clients, one female rider in Oakland, and another male rider in San Francisco, win the worst UberX clients. They crossed the line to touch this driver's phone, ending rides and submitting perfect 5 stars. Were they worried the driver wouldn't give them a 5 star? In a negative way, these rude and disrespectful clients who ended the two different rides and submitted 5 star ratings on their behalf ,without requesting permission, are classic examples of what not to do in any environment.