Friday, November 14, 2014

Thick Fog in the Morning

cars in fog
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Driving in thick fog is extremely dangerous. Ridesharing drivers must be especially careful to reduce speed and keep scanning the road in front of them to avoid unexpected obstacles. A ridesharing driver reported that thick fog on I-80 slowed them down. In their previous driving experience, this driver shared that they drafted behind trucks, within a reasonable distance, to improve visibility. If drivers are not extra cautious, thick fog in the morning may spell a recipe for disaster.

On I-80 between Vallejo and Sacramento, thick fog smothered the entire interstate going in both directions. The worst of this fog limited visibility on the Eastbound side. Motorists raced past without a care in the world, showing no fear of digital signs warnings that read, "Dense Fog" ahead. 

This ridesharing driver used extra precautions to improve the safety of this long trip. They pulled in the slow lane and reduced speed below the speed limit. Despite traveling at a reduced speed, they made sure to scan from side-to-side to ensure no parked vehicles without flashers were parked in the road ahead. Any unexpected animals that could enter the road was also considered in this trip. 

The ridesharing driver waited for a large diesel truck to approach. It is important to mention that following sedans and other personal vehicles may not be wise because these drivers exceed the speed limit and create unsafe conditions. Some swerve in and out of traffic, which could increase the likelihood of an accident. This driver drafted several car lengths behind a diesel, giving them enough room in case an unexpected danger entered the pathway. 

Fortunately, this ridesharing driver knew to increase safety and limit potential dangers during dense fog driving. They unfogged both the windshield and rear windows using the dash heating element. Moreover, the ridesharing driver drafted behind a diesel that provided ample visibility to illuminate the pathway. They reduced their speed and stayed behind this diesel that traveled in the slow lane. They watched for motorists who entered the interstate from on-ramps. They activated the fog lights and avoiding using high beams that reflected bright light back in their path. 

Use extra precautions driving in dense fog. This article is intended as an informative piece. Don't depend on this advice and experience to make decisions driving in foggy areas. It is merely a personal piece sharing how another driver approached the fog to keep their passenger safe throughout this long trip. Do reduce speed and increase awareness, which may reduce risk factors that can result in accidents. 

Ridesharing is no fun and games. Take precautions, stay alert and be safe.