Saturday, November 01, 2014

Taxi driver uses restroom behind gas station

Ever wonder how taxi drivers use the restroom while on shifts? Most restrooms and stores are closed at night. It is important to know where to use the restroom in the late hours and early AM.

An UberX driver saw a taxi driver fill up his SUV taxi. During this fuel fill-up, this taxi driver unfastened his belt and urinated behind this gas station. He had to do what he had to do to continue driving. Apparently, the gas station restroom was out of order.

This taxi driver answers the questions how taxi drivers use the restroom while on shift during the late and early AM hours. Unfortunately, this taxi driver didn't use any hand sanitizer to wash his hands.

The next time you drive in a taxi, never shake the taxi driver's hand. It highly likely this taxi driver didn't wash their hands and/or used the restroom outside.

It's not their fault, because most restroom facilities are close at night. However, ridesharing drivers know which stores are open to use the restroom.

For the most part, these ridesharing drivers wash their hands often and try their best to keep their vehicles clean.