Monday, November 17, 2014

Ridesharing to Hospital Appointment

Need a ride to a hospital appointment? As we most know, parking lots at hospitals have limited space. Furthermore, finding a reliable ride in the early morning and afternoon may represent a big challenge for those people who don't own vehicles and are not in a position to drive.

With the holiday season creating traffic congestion, just know that you have alternative options to public transportation. Ridesharing services are available to drive you to the hospital and to clinics. 

Live in San Francisco and the Bay Area region of Northern California, Los Angeles and Long Beach regions, San Diego area, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Charlotte N.C.? Sidecar is available in these areas. They have Sidecar drivers ready on-demand to drive to your pickup location at the push of a button.  

Need a ride to your morning appointment? An afternoon appointment? Input the pickup address of your current location. Enter a ride destination to see a list of prices and ETAs for this trip. Choose the best ride that fits your budget needs and/or comfortability. 

Stay within this area to meet with a Sidecar driver, which you'll see dressed in orange Sidecar mirror covers (TNC trade dress) on both the driver and passenger sides. Connect with this driver via a switchboard phone number that is viewable on the Sidecar passenger app interface. If you prefer, text this Sidecar driver to give specific instructions and/or to inform them you will be out soon.

Plan ahead to give enough time to reach this hospital appointment. Save money using Sidecar, rather than call a cab service that is expensive. Sidecar drivers are friendly everyday people. They appreciate your business. 

New first-time Sidecar riders receive a free $15 ride credit that is available to use right way. Download this ride sharing app at and input promo code qjbxk in the "add promo code" in the account within this Sidecar rider app. Confirm this account credit above the "add promo code" category with a $15 account credit featured right above. 

Enjoy your Sidecar experience!