Sunday, November 09, 2014

Order UberPool in San Francisco

UberPool is a carpooling service available to clients who want to save money. Whenever UberPool rides are unmatched, clients are given a 20 percent discount on this particular trip. Order UberPool and save a bundle on future trips.

Going to San Francisco Airport (SFO)? Request and UberPool and input current pickup address and rider destination. If another client is traveling to SFO at the same exact time and lives close, both parties are matched to ride together.

How much can UberPool save a client? For example, a client requests an UberPool with no surge. This trip to the airport usually costs $28-$40. Two Uber clients are matched together and travel to SFO. The UberPool driver picks up the first client, and then moves to retrieve the second client. The distance to travel to this second location is calculated into this trip. Traveling an extra mile and waiting another 3-6 minutes won't cost these clients as much as expected.

The total cost of this trip is $32. Both UberPool clients split the cost of this trip. There will be a slight difference in fare prices, as the first rider accumulates the distance and time to retrieve the second client. However, the first client is dropped off first and doesn't get charged additional time and distance after leaving this carpool. The second client pays for the remainder of their time and distance to the last destination. This fare is broken down and constitutes a shared cost.

First client pays $16.25 and second client pays $15.75. Keep in mind that surge pricing could multiply the cost of this trip. If clients are in a hurry to reach the airport and have no choice, sharing a surged ride could substantially reduce the cost of this trip.

Clients who request UberPool and no co-rider is matched will automatically receive a discounted trip (20% or more). This reduction is automatically deducted and reflects the savings.

Try UberPool today and save money. Matched riders enjoy a cool social trip to their destinations and share the trip cost.

New first-time Uber clients: Download the Uber client app at and input ride promo code ts958u in "Promotions" section to enjoy $20 off on first trip. Make sure to maximize this trip to benefit from the total savings. Avoid taking a $7 trip on your first ride because this may eliminate the remaining ride credit. Spend close to $20 or more to get the most out of this first trip. Clients pay any cost exceeding $20, which a $30 trip will cost $10. Happy Ubering! Take UberPool today.

Become an UberX drive and give UberPool rides. Current ridesharing drivers receive $500 bonus if they complete their first 20 rides within a month after signing up.