Saturday, November 15, 2014

Make mistakes on Lyft and master ridesharing on Uber

An UberX client shared that Lyft is a ride platform where all drivers should make their mistakes early on and learn from them. Many ridesharing drivers identify Lyft as an on-demand ridesharing platform who are clueless to release experienced drivers and thus activate new rookie drivers. Making mistakes driving at Lyft will help you to become an awesome driver with Uber.

Lyft drivers may drive down 1-way streets, talk too much, miss turns, take the wrong route, input the wrong address, pick up wrong passengers, speed, run stop signs, run stop lights, get on the freeway to take 4th street and miss this last exit to San Francisco, get lost often, be rude and a bunch of other mistakes. Lyft is viewed as college, whereas Uber is considered a job and/or career.

According to this UberX client, Lyft is a community college with amateurs. Uber, the gold standard of ridesharing resembles Harvard University, one of the top universities in the world.

Get good ridesharing training at Lyft in coach, and then move to Uber in first-class.