Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's raining, it's pouring, Sidecar is running

Sidecar is a ridesharing company like Uber and Lyft. Uber runs their UberX ridesharing platform as their rideshare service. Lyft runs their ridesharing company as an affordable ride alternative. Sidecar is the most interesting ridesharing company of the three. Their ridesharing company launched in 2012 in San Francisco. In September 2013, CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) approved ridesharing services under TNC (Transportation Network Companies). The ridesharing movement has been going strong since Uber launched in 2010 and Lyft in 2012.

Sidecar drivers have an opportunity to use a state-of-the-art ridesharing app designed to connect riders and them as quickly as possible without pin drop and GPS issues. For the most part, Sidecar riders are almost always at the right pickup address. Ridesharing as a rider or as a driver is most efficient with Sidecar.

This Sidecar app features one interface that shows a phone icon, a navigation link that communicates to a prefered GPS app (Google, Apple or Waze), name of rider, phone number switchboard (call rider and driver), address of this rider pickup address, flashing destination and price to notify driver, a pickup countdown (5 minutes to cancellation), ride filters to keep drivers in a specific location, block driver, favorite driver, block passenger, Back-to-Back ride feature (turn on to take ride requests while transporting another rider), previous trips viewable in history, see all drivers in region, marketplace of vehicles with prices, vehicle types, name and face of driver, and other unique features.

Sidecar launched their ridesharing app right from the beginning with the right features. The best part of Sidecar is all riders being instructed to input pickup addresses and rider destinations. It is mandatory to perform this operation because a set price is generated. No quoted prices will ever change for this trip, even if the driver gets lost. Unless the rider requires this driver to lengthen the trip to run errands and to pick up additional riders, the price won't change. Sidecar riders can change the ride destination, which an A(pickup address), B(rider destination) and C(new destination) will be recalculated.

For example, a Sidecar rider request a specific destination. While in motion, the rider talks to a friend and wants to revise their destination. Sidecar recalculates this trip to show point A, B, and now C. However far point C is from B, this is added on this trip. Sidecar is really reliable, as most riders are usually traveling to a set rider destination. The price remains the same as quoted in the beginning.

Sidecar makes ridesharing efficient for both drivers and riders. No gimmicks, just fun and affordable rides. Their Shared Rides platform is a carpooling service that allows riders to connect with another rider traveling in the same direction and doesn't mind sharing the cost. It will reduce cost 50% from other competing ridesharing platforms. Shared Riders is being offered in San Francisco. This carpool service may likely expand to outside Sidecar cities. It really depends on policies within these cities.

First-time Sidecar riders receive a free $15 ride credit. Download this ride sharing app at and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk into the "Add Promo Code" box in the account section. A $15 ride credit will appear instantly to use right away.

Want to become a Sidecar driver and receive a $100 holiday bonus for completing 10 rides? Signup here to become a Sidecar driver today. Input code qjbxk to activate this $100 holiday bonus.

Take a ride with Sidecar today to see how awesome this ridesharing platform is. Go to work, to the movies, to restaurants, to bars, to clubs, to sporting events, to a friend's house, to the mall, out shopping, to meetings, and anywhere else you prefer. It is up to you.

Input pickup address and rider destination. Your Sidecar driver will meet you there to take a journey. Know the cost of this ride before the trip begins. Ride with Sidecar and get $15 ride credit. Remember to visit and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to receive an instant $15 ride credit to use immediately.

With Sidecar, there is no surge pricing to multiple the cost of rides. However, drivers are given the freedom to set price multipliers such as 1x-5x. But, these drivers know that setting high prices could reduce their ride request. Therefore, they know to set the right prices for the right times. Sidecar riders are not tied down to surge pricing. They can scroll down and choose the best ride that fits their needs. Want to pay more to get the closest ride? Don't mind waiting and paying less? Prefer a specific vehicle? Sidecar riders also have the freedom to choose their journey.

Drive for Sidecar and make some extra holiday cash. Or better yet, use this Sidecar income to pay bills, travel the world, pay your children's tuition, perform home improvements, buy a new car, make investments, and other useful things.

Approved 8 Sidecar cities are San Francisco and the Bay Area cities, Los Angeles & Long Beach and surrounding cities, San Diego and surrounding cities, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., Charlotte, N.C., and Chicago. As Sidecar and ridesharing continue to grow, there will be additional cities featured on this list.

Let Sidecar drive your future!