Thursday, November 20, 2014

It is that time of the year for Lyft to deactivate drivers

grinch xmas time fun
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Lyft is infamous for deactivating drivers around the holidays. They could care less if these drivers survive their financial fallout. Driver deactivations are essentially viewed as a termination and/or firing.

Have Lyft fired you from driving on their ridesharing platform? This ridesharing company is really rotten. They are the bad apple in the ridesharing industry.

Do you know Lyft advised a 4.84 Lyft driver to purchase a newer vehicle? After this driver used this vehicle for 15 days, they terminated his driving account after a 4.79 driver rating score arrived on a Sunday morning. This occurred 10 days before Christmas.

Sad but true, Lyft used their poor rating system as an excuse. You can read about this story through clicking on the side panel posts. 4.79 is a good score at Uber. Last year, 4.79 would get a Lyft driver deactivated. Don't believe Lyft when they say that ratings won't initiate a deactivation. Lyft will terminate you. The Lyft Grinch is ready to deactivate Lyft drivers.

Luckily, they increased their minimum score to retain drivers. Don't be surprised if you log into the system one day and your account is closed. It can happen that fast. Lyft is deceiving you when they say they will do their best to review your driver account.

Don't sit and wait for Lyft. Start driving with another ridesharing company right away. Apply with Sidecar and UberX. Lyft will wait a few weeks, and then notify you that you won't be able to continue driving on their ride platform. If you took measures to keep driving rather than waiting, you will no longer need Lyft. Lyft is clueless on how to run a business. They won't tell their former drivers to apply with another ridesharing platform.

Plan ahead to avoid a financial storm. We wouldn't be surprised if Lyft deactivates additional drivers this month and in December. Prepare for that Merry Christmas from Lyft and you are fired. You can tell Lyft to shove that Pink mustache up where the sun doesn't shine.

Happy Lyfting!