Tuesday, November 25, 2014

If Lyft deactivated you, and Uber deactivated you, then there is always Sidecar

Ridesharing drivers are hybrids who drive on multiple rideshare platforms. With two active phones running ride sharing apps, these hybrid drivers accept the first ride that arrives, without hesitation. This strategy reduces downtime and increases earning potential. What happens when two rideshare platforms deactivate a driver at the same time? And this happens in the middle of the holiday season? Ridesharing drivers can embark on a dark journey before recovering mentally and financially.

Got jilted by Lyft? Deactivated from UberX? Keep your head up. Don't let these unexpected deactivations depress you. Getting jilted by a rideshare platform is nothing new in the ridesharing world. It is standard for these ride companies to keep their top performing drivers. High star ratings sell ridesharing services to transit users. The ride community view these star ratings as a trust factor.

Low rated drivers are deactivated at Lyft. On Uber, low star drivers are warned and may be put on a 4-week probationary period to boost their star ratings. Just know that it's common to see low rated clients/riders/passengers. No ridesharing company will deactivate a 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 4.0 passenger because their long-term business matters most. However, ride app companies will deactivate underperforming drivers with low ratings and poor feedback. It is not always the driver's fault.

Overall, the service industry is a challenging sector. Customers have many choices, so it is extremely important that ridesharing drivers remain patient and alert. Treat clients like celebrities. Cater to their needs; shower them with kindness. If drivers are rude to rude passengers, these riders will take offense to this poor treatment. For the most part, they will take their business to the next competitor. The rule of thumb is to be extra nice to rude passengers.

Because most drivers are not psychics and mind readers, they have no idea what problems are bothering their riders. There could have been a death in the family. A sick friend. Co-workers turning the workplace into a toxic mess. Financial problem are draining them. If these riders are currently attending college, the pressure to complete assignments and score high marks on exams can make them irritable. These riders may have difficulty dealing with their recurring hardship. A thousand different things can provoke clients to become rude riders.

Rude clients and inpatient drivers are a bad mix. When both parties are stubborn, basic disagreements involving directions and routes may create conflict. Remember, the rider is always right no matter what happens. Ridesharing drivers who believe they are superior to their riders don't belong in the ridesharing industry. Be a responsible ridesharing driver to avoid the common pitfalls.

Getting deactivated from a ride platform is a downer. It can depress any good ridesharing driver. The best way to lessen this pain is to apply to become a driver on another platform. If this ridesharing company requests what platform you drove on prior to applying with them, just name one of the two platforms. Inform them you want to drive on a better ride platform. Maybe share that you dislike fist-bumping and/or attaching that dorky Pink Mustache to your car grill. Or on the UberX platform, you don't disagree with the no tipping feature that leaves money on the table.

What is an alternative after getting deactivated from Lyft and UberX? Sidecar is a great option! Think about how much money you can earn during weekend ride bonuses. Give 25 rides and earn an extra $50. Give 50 rides and get $150. Give 75 rides and make an extra $250. Keep in mind that this is extra money on top of your trip earnings. If drivers place in the top 3, they get rewarded with another $100. Sidecar recently unveiled weekday ride bonuses, as well, to give drivers access to additional earnings.

Drivers, there is money to be made with Sidecar. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity to use a first-class ride sharing app with many great features. Did you know that Sidecar drivers can get tipped on top of their fares/donations? Well, drivers can get tipped on top of the recommended ride donation. Furthermore, the Back-to-Back ride feature enables Sidecar riders to request drivers before completing an active trip. This feature reduces downtime and increases earning potential. One of the most exciting features are ride filters, which allow drivers to set a radius on pickups and at drop-offs.

All in all, Sidecar is a true winner in the ridesharing game. This ridesharing platform may not be as competitive as UberX and Lyft, but they are gaining attention fast and are showing real promise to become a household name. Maybe it is a blessing in disguise that you got deactivated from other ridesharing platforms. Fortunately, Sidecar is ready to support your future goals.

Sidecar recently signed a permit to operate at SFO. As of right now, Sidecar drivers who completed the training and received an airport permit, can now make SFO airport pickups and drop-offs. On the Sidecar platform, airport rides are by far the highest paying rides within the San Francisco area, unless riders choose a destination outside of the city.

Sidecar is your backup plan. Apply for Sidecar here, and input code qjbxk to activate a new driver bonus. After new Sidecar drivers complete 10 rides, Sidecar will give them a $100 bonus. Make sure to input code qjbxk to qualify for this new driver offer.

Let Sidecar help drive your dreams and goals.

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