Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day

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We salute our Veterans for making us safer. In all previous wartime conflicts, theaters and World wars, American soldiers risked their lives and died for their country. Though some Veterans dislike us thanking them for their service, we really mean what we say. Thank you for your service to America.

We honor those who passed, as well as those who are Veterans living right now. We hope all people show great respect for your admirable service. For all those lives lost in wartime conflict and in other operations, and those who got severely injured and endured major health issues, we honor you with our hearts.

Thank you Military Veterans. Veteran's Day is your special day to reflect on your contribution to us.

Want to read about the history and origin of Veteran's Day? Visit the following VA government website to follow the Veteran's Day timeline from post-World War 1 to World War II and up until present time.