Monday, November 03, 2014

Drug Addicts shooting up in Men And Women Restrooms at Marina Safeway

How low can people go? Why does San Francisco allow drug addicts to line businesses throughout the city? Homelessness and drug addicts are a social epidemic, a serious problem that has plagued San Francisco for many decades. Two male drug addicts occupied both men and women restrooms at the Safeway located at 15 Marina Blvd.

An Uber driver waited to use the restroom as this Safeway in the Marina District, which is the only public restroom open after midnight in San Francisco. Both the Men and Women restrooms were occupied by two drug addicts.

Security requested these two males to depart the store. However, these two druggies refused to leave the restrooms. They argued with the security guard through the door. The security guard warned them that he would call the police. They kept flushing the toilet with brown paper towels, clogging the system completely up. From the looks of these two drug addicts, they occupied the two restrooms for quite some time.

On the ground, a large container of alcohol wipes (taken from the front entrance) and blood smeared the restroom floor. Both toilets were clogged up with these brown paper towels. These drug users continued to flush these toilets repeatedly, giving them time to shoot-up with needles. It made people believe they were really sick and needed to use the restroom.

This UberX driver avoided using the restroom at this location. He will never return back to this Safeway to use their restroom again. Working at night is a challenge for ridesharing drivers. Eventually, these drivers must use the restroom and are put in unfavorable situations.

Ridesharing drivers put themselves in harm's way to perform ride services for peanuts. In large cities, drug addicts, homeless people and other shady individuals pose safety risks. Ridesharing companies make 20% commission off drivers, but don't have to encounter any dangerous situations.

Ridesharing is useful for passengers who need a convenient, reliable ride. It is definitely a bargain to request cheap rides for cheap, saving on personal and business travel expenses. However, drivers assume all the risks as well as expenses associated with ridesharing services. To be truthfully honest, San Francisco is an unsafe city at night.

According to this driver, San Francisco is probably the dirtiest city in the Bay Area. The homeless and drug problems continue without any proper interventions to mitigate this lingering epidemic. Unfortunately, public services are obviously underfunded and undermanned to resolve the darkest issues plaguing this world renowned city. Only a fraction of the problem is met head-on, while larger, more disturbing issues continue on.

Ridesharing services remain an influential force in San Francisco because private drivers make this possible. Drivers are likely to deal with high risk factors involving homeless, drug addicts, and shady individuals looking for a quick score. Ridesharing drivers must stay vigilant.