Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Drive for UberX and clean vomit for free

Ridesharing services are a haven for vomiting riders. Drivers can expect drunk riders to vomit in their rides. It is important to mention that most vomiting episodes occur in Uber rides. You'd think Uber clients are classy, but this ride technology attracts the most obnoxious, belligerent drunks.

Uber drivers who face vomit accidents must scoop out these marinated chunks of God knows what. They must react fast to preserve their car interior. One time, a drunk costumed sheep projected her Pink salmon soaked in liquor, which smothered the backseat, door, floor, and inside the seat crevices.

In another incident, the foul smell of vomit covering the car door, outside door and the window seals, almost made the driver vomit. In another vomit event, three rowdy Giants fans resulted in one pathetic rider vomiting on the floor. His loser mentality and being unable to hold his liquor, cost a driver valuable time and money.

Uber won't pay drivers a flat rate cleaning fee. They take advantage of their drivers to increase the value of their brand. Drivers face dangerous risks, while Uber executives and investors pad their pockets. It is the dark truth and reality of UberX ridesharing.

If a client vomits in an Uber ride, the driver can only expect to be compensated a direct cleaning fee. Unlike Lyft (they give $250 flat cleaning fee automatically), Uber takes the cheap route and expects their Partners to clean this vomit mess themselves.

How in the world can Uber Partners stop working on a busy weekend night to clean a vomit mess? They can't. No stores are open at night to handle this rigorous cleaning. Of course, Partners are expected to purchase cleaning supplies and perform deep cleaning services. They're not going to wait until after the weekend to have a professional cleaning service clean this mess.

Uber Partners only get compensated for direct cleaning expenses. This means that when Partners face vomiting riders, they lose out big time. They can't continue driving with vomit smothering their interior/exterior space. Uber has poor policies in many areas, especially with vomit cleanups and cancellations. Uber clients are some of the worst riders in the transportation industry.

Lyft triumphs Uber in many categories. Even though Uber tries to convince Lyft drivers to drive with them, a poor policy such as giving only direct cleaning costs instead of a flat rate cleaning fee is enough to stay away. Uber won't reimburse drivers for lost time. If there is a guaranteed hourly earning promotion going on that night, Partners better clean those vomit chunks out fast and disinfect their vehicles. Otherwise, these drivers are losing big money waiting for a professional cleaning.

If you drive for Uber, protect yourself from vomiting riders. They will vomit in your personal vehicles. These clients are disrespectful and don't care about you as a driver. At Lyft, this ridesharing company will compensate their drivers if passengers vomit inside your vehicle. Their flat rate cleaning fee is $250. Uber will shortchange their drivers to maintain their revenue.

Ridesharing is no fun and games. Unless drivers are driving with Sidecar, where bonuses are made available and referred drivers are completing their rides fast enough to deliver bonuses, don't expect to make a profit. Driving on Uber means putting more miles on your personal vehicles, paying for extensive repairs, absorbing higher maintenance costs, spending more on gas, not receiving fair compensation for promotional guarantees, clients choosing to wait until after surges to take rides, and vomiting riders who cost Partners valuable time and money. The most disturbing problem on Uber's platform is their GPS malfunction and one-dimensional navigation feature.

Drive for UberX and expect to transport many drunken riders. There is a high probability these clients will vomit in your personal vehicle. If you enjoy cleaning up vomit and increasing your risk at getting a disease, then go right ahead and drive with Uber. Why should these vomiting, lowlife clients care when Uber doesn't?

Ponder on a company policy that requests its Partners to lose money cleaning up vomit left behind by clients. Think about how little this wealthy company is paying out after the fact. Then, you will discover why Lyft is retaining their driver base. Lyft pays $250 flat rate cleaning fee to drivers. Uber gives far less than $100 to cover cleaning costs.

No professional cleaning place is open on weekend nights to clean vehicles. While Partners are cleaning vomit, other drivers are making money completing trips. Poor balance and poor treatment. This is all because the ride community consider Uber the second coming of transportation. Keep in mind that drivers put up an investment to drive. Once vomiting clients make a mess, they lose money. The quick formula to success is that drivers must lose for Uber to gain.

***Uber revised vomit policy. Riders are now charged against their client account for vomit episodes. If you vomit, expect to be charged $200. Cleanup charges will be charged to the trip this vomit event occurred.

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