Thursday, November 20, 2014

Don't take trips on the way to day jobs unless it is with Sidecar

We hear these ridesharing companies suggesting that drivers can complete trips on their way to work. Ridesharing doesn't work this way. What if a ridesharing driver who is on their way to work all of a sudden receives a ride request and discovers their client/rider/passenger is going to the airport and is in a hurry. Better, this rider wants to leave the city and has no time to spare. If the client doesn't input their rider destination, there is no way to really know whether to accept and/or decline the ride.

One ridesharing company can make this "get a ride on the way to work" strategy possible. Sidecar requires all riders to input ride destinations. This is how their ride sharing app has worked since the beginning. No updates to release something borrowed, something perceived as new (Uber). 

Sidecar launched their ride sharing app with quality features. As Sidecar updated their system, this actually gave drivers useful features to improve their overall ridesharing experience. 

Sidecar drivers can set ride filters to reduce the pickup addresses and rider destination distance. So if you drive on a road leading to your job, these ride filters will only show ride requests within a radius. Uber doesn't have custom ride filters, which is a problem because drivers may have to travel 30-60 minutes to make a pickup when inside San Francisco. If drivers start in the Marina District, then Marin County requests can get kicked out to them. 

Taking rides on the way to work is only made possible with Sidecar, as their ride filters and destinations keep drivers within a specific radius. Uber ride requests don't show the rider destination until the "Arrived" button is pressed and the ride is started. It makes it hard for drivers to know the final destination. If these drivers are traveling to their day job, they can't take a risk to make a long trip to the airport and/or outside of the city. Since we are unsure of new Lyft updates (last year their app would not show rider destinations), it is probable that their drivers who are driving to work could experience difficulty taking trips where there are no predetermined rider destinations available. 

Become a Sidecar driver and begin giving rides during the morning commute via traditional trips and Shared Rides (share a ride with another rider and reduce cost). Signup here. Input code qjbxk to activate $100 holiday bonus payable after completing 10 rides as a new driver.    

Enjoy driving for Sidecar!