Sunday, November 16, 2014

Don't start conflict with unknown people while waiting for client

Waiting for a client? Another motorist almost hit you? Want to say something? Don't say anything.

You never know who this person is and who they work for. A ridesharing driver almost got hit by another vehicle in a parking lot. He wanted to say something to this driver, but let it go.

Fortunately, this ridesharing driver made the right decision to not react. This motorist was actually their client. This client was parking their vehicle in a collision center lot to have repairs performed.

What makes this even more interesting is that this client also drives for the same ride company. Imagine sending a text message to another party about this person? What if this driver flipped this motorist off?

It can get really bad for this driver who are unable to control their anger. Not the right move to start conflict. A client has the power of influence to deactivate drivers. All it takes is one serious complaint to end future ridesharing services for you. Protect your driver account.

Stay patient and wait for your client. Try to do your best to avoid outside conflict.

Be smart. Be responsible. Be patient.