Sunday, November 16, 2014

Crank out the rides and make money with Sidecar

Sidecar is a ridesharing platform all about giving rides, and many of them all day, all night long. Sidecar drivers can name their prices, but in an economic pricing model the price must be right to land business. Charging 5x on a short ride won't net business. However, setting prices between 1-3x on New Year's Eve can win ride business. It is that time again, like last year, that ridesharing is going to be in high demand for holiday season.

Sidecar is holding a new driver promotion that pays out a $100 bonus after the 10th ride is given. This bonus is payable 4-5 days later. On a busy weeknight and/or during a busy weekday morning, Sidecar drivers can complete 10 rides in 2.5-3.5 hours. In these 10 rides, a new Sidecar driver may net $85+ after commission is deducted. Combining these ride earnings with the $100 bonus, $185+ can be generated on this first shift of driving.

Why is Sidecar such a cool ridesharing platform? Sidecar is the only ridesharing app to show the price of a particular trip before taking a ride. It is also the only ride app with a filter setting to keep drivers within a specific area and to only take the rides that pay the best (minimum prices). In the ridesharing world, Sidecar is ahead of their competitors. This ridesharing company knows how to make their drivers happy, which is key to maintain a positive driving community.

Sidecar also enables their drivers to name their price through allowing them to set multipliers. If drivers own a nice luxury vehicle, can provide a better service than their competition and/or its a busy night (i.e. New Year's Eve), then setting price multipliers will lead to great rates. Furthermore, this price multiplier creates a marketplace of drivers and different car types to select from while scrolling down the page. The price and ETA are at the bottom of each driver and car type.

Want a faster ETA? Pick the closest vehicle. Want a Mercedes to pick you up in style? Prefer a certain driver? Select this driver and their car? Like a cheap price? Then, riders can shop by price to get the best deal. Don't mind driving on the Shared Rides carpool service? Drivers and riders are given flexibility to give and take rides, respectively.

For Sidecar drivers, getting paid for rides is quick and easy. A trip pends for 4 days, and then is made available to submit for payment via the ridesharing app. Drivers may wait to submit lump sum payments, or request a single amount the moment these funds are ready. It is all up to the driver. These funds will deposit directly into an approved bank account. Submit before 3pm (varies) PST, and receive these funds the next morning or 2 days later. This direct deposit depends on your banking policies.

Sidecar drivers can drive whenever they want. Unlike Lyft, there are no schedules to select. Sidecar drivers go online and offline whenever, anywhere there is demand for this platform. Currently, Sidecar is available in 8 cities across the United States. San Francisco and its Bay Area, Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, San Diego and cities within its county, Seattle, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington D.C. are activate Sidecar cities.

Sidecar drivers monitor ratings in real-time. They can enter their driver app and awesome, good and bad rides. Click on "View Ratings" link to view these ratings. There is a breakdown of nice vehicle, great attitude, and safe & efficient categories. This driver activity is monitored on the Sidecar ride app dashboard.

View each individual trip in the "view rides" section. See how much this ride paid out after commission and know what you rated a passenger. Also, you can see the name of previous passengers you gave rides to in the past. The date of these trips and time the trips got paid out are available to review. Review the time of these trips and the routes taken. By clicking on the rider name and selecting the button to the right of "Block this Passenger," this rider won't be able to request you.

On the left side panel, activate Back-to-Back rides to receive ride requests before a current trip ends. This feature reduces downtime and increases productivity. Make additional money through cranking out many rides.

Sidecar features many unique ride bonuses. They previously held weekday ride bonuses to encourage drivers to give rides and make extra money. During special special events such as Outside Lands, they returned the commission to drivers who made pickups and drop-offs at this location. On weekend promotions (occasionally offered), Sidecar drivers can make $50, $100, and $250 bonuses. The top drivers who complete the most rides can make another $100 on top of their rides and bonuses.

Ready to begin driving for Sidecar? Want to test Sidecar as a first time passenger?

Visit here to become a Sidecar driver. Input code qjbxk to get qualified for the $100 bonus after 10th ride is completed. Give hundreds of rides per week and make good income. Drive on weekends to expand your financial power. Invest into a fuel efficient vehicle and maximize earnings. Block passengers that are tough riders. Unblock if you forgive them later. Be your own boss. Unlock your earning potential becoming a Sidecar driver today.  

First time riders can visit and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to receive a $15 ride credit. Use $15 on Shared Rides and travel a good distance. Carpool with another friend to save even more money. Meet a new person during each Shared Rides experience. Expand your social circle. On Sidecar, riders can favorite drivers to get future rides from them.

Make driving profitable with Sidecar!