Sunday, November 16, 2014

College Finals: Get Rides

College finals are coming up next month. School parking lots are going to be full to their capacity. Ridesharing services are available to deliver students to their college campuses on-time to take final exams.

Request this ride ahead of time, giving drivers reasonable time to make these pickups and dropoffs. Receive the exact trip cost before taking this ride. No surprises in emails and on credit card statements. Pay a fair price.

Live in San Francisco and the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Long Beach area, San Diego and surrounding cities, Seattle, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Charlotte, N.C.? Sidecar is a unique ridesharing app available in these areas. This ridesharing app will connect Sidecar riders to cool Sidecar drivers with awesome cars.

When final exams draw closer and you live in the cities and areas mentioned above, consider using Sidecar to reduce the stress of driving to school and trying to find parking. Ride with classmates to class. Go out to lunch and dinner. Watch a movie. Take a ride home from a bus, BART, Lightrail, Metro Link and Subway station. Sidecar drivers are waiting to connect with you right now.

Monitor local drivers. See which drivers are the closest by ETA. What cars are available? How much will this trip cost? Who will be your first driver to welcome you to Sidecar? Sidecar is the way to go to class, especially during upcoming final exams.

Score a free $15 ride credit as a first-time Sidecar rider. Download this ride sharing app at and input promo code qjbxk to activate this free $15 ride credit.

Enjoy Sidecar and use this ridesharing service often to save time and money. Let your car rest. Good luck on final exams, academic future and dream jobs and careers. Join the ridesharing movement with Sidecar.