Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boston Riders: Ridesharing Services

Boston is an East Coast city that lives up its history. Besides its rich sports history, Boston is designated as the capital of the Commonwealth state of Massachusetts, home to the most prestigious, most renowned colleges and universities in America. The waterfront properties overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are breathtaking. Boston is one of the oldest cities in America.

The transportation industry in Boston is in high demand. Though Boston is not as large as New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego, ridesharing services may thrive in this historic city. Going to work, out to dinner, to the movies, bar hopping, college, clubbing, hang out with friends, shopping, museums, sightseeing, airport and other places demand reliable transportation.

Can you depend on a Boston cab or taxi to be there for you? Buses to show up on time? What transportation alternatives are there in Boston? There is Sidecar.

Sidecar is a ridesharing app available to any person who needs a reliable ride in Boston and outside of the city. Sidecar drivers are on the road, waiting to receive your ride request. As a rider, you can watch this driver approach you in real-time. The comfort of Sidecar is that you know how much this trip costs before submitting the ride request. No tricks and deceptions involved. If the trip is advertised as $15, then it will cost this amount.

Sidecar allows their riders to favorite drivers. If you like a particular driver or a group of drivers, you can favorite them and may be matched with them again. It all depends on whether these drivers are on the road at the exact time you request a ride.

Sidecar is the cheapest ridesharing app. It is cheaper to use Sidecar than its ridesharing counterparts. However, drivers are given access to increase the price of rides via a 1x-5x multiplier. This functions the same as Uber surge pricing and Lyft Prime Time. Fortunately, Sidecar riders can scroll down and find the best prices and closest drivers. Need a ride fast? You may pay more. Don't mind waiting? Get a cheaper ride then. Want a nice luxury vehicle to drive you? See a list of drivers and their vehicles. The price of this trip, the driver's face, and their vehicles are available to view.

Ready to take Sidecar? Want a free $15 ride credit as a first-time Sidecar rider? Here is your chance to take Sidecar and experience the best ridesharing has to offer you. Request a ride today and use this $15 ride credit instantly? Download the Sidecar ride sharing app at Side.cr and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk in account section that reads "Add Promo Code," and take a ride in Boston right now!

Keep Boston moving in the right direction with Sidecar.

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