Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bad breath riders make ridesharing a smelly experience

Bad Breath & Red Eyes
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Ridesharing drivers reported that at least 40 percent of riders in large cities have bad breath. Once these riders start talking, drivers are cringing to get fresh air. Bad breath riders were out in full force on Saturday night. This driver shared that this was the most smelliest night driving ever. Drivers must carry breath fresheners to clear the air in their tight vehicle space.

Do these riders know their breath is kicking hard? Out of two dozen rides, a ridesharing driver suffered through half of these trips. Backseat riders seem to have the same exact bad breath as most others. It is almost like this bad breath is in result of heavy drinking, vomiting, and/or poor hygiene. 

Premium alcohol is tolerable. The smell of good liquor livens most rides. But for the most, these recent rides with bad breath passengers are not typical smelly mouth experiences at day jobs. These riders have distinctive bad breath that must go along with over drinking, poor hygiene or dry mouths.

Do the smell test before taking a ridesharing service. If your breath is bad, chew gum or take a mint. Drivers can smell everything that goes on during rides. A car space is small, so bad odor smells travel up into the front seating area. 

The cities with the least amount of bad breath riders are Oakland, Berkeley, Napa and Walnut Creek. San Francisco produces the most bad breath rides. Heavy drinking may be causing these riders to develop really bad breath. It is almost like these drivers are smelling really bad stomach acids. They can't pinpoint this bad odor smell, but it is awful. No disrespect to these riders, but quite a few drivers are politely requesting a fresher trip experience. 

Drivers who have bad breath from not drinking liquids and developing dry mouths in result of this should mouthwash and/or brush before driving. If necessary, clean up your mouth at the midpoint of day/night driving. Take a mint, chew gum and/or drink more water. Keep the trip fresh. 

Happy Ridesharing!