Sunday, November 02, 2014

Are Lyft passengers drunk?

Question: Are Lyft passengers drunk?

Answer: Yes, Lyft passengers are usually drunk. They are high risk riders who may vomit in ridesharing vehicles. There is no good way to avoid picking up a drunk Lyft rider.

We heard from ridesharing drivers that Lyft makes it easy to attract drunk riders. All these passengers need to do is press request and a driver will pick them up at this exact location.

Sidecar is the ridesharing platform that has the least amount of drunk riders. These riders must input their pickup address and destination before a ride can be requested. Drunk riders would struggle to complete this action, therefore, this reduces most requests of obnoxious drunks requesting rides.

At Lyft, drunk riders are typical and often these are usually the most common passengers on Friday and Saturday evenings. Lyft drivers will most definitely encounter drunk passengers during late weekend hours.

Beware of drunk riders from San Francisco 49ers' games. These drunk riders may have had too much to drink at home games. Lyft drivers are at the mercy of these disrespectful passengers. Prepare to encounter vomit face-to-face, maybe the projectile vomiting seen in The Exorcist movie.