Thursday, October 23, 2014

Will drivers get deactivated for low ratings at Uber?

Uber and UberX drivers who get low ratings are at risk of deactivation. Unlike Lyft, Uber will notify drivers and give them two choices: turn in phone or agree to a 4-week probationary period where ratings must improve. Lyft will deactivate drivers without warning them. Will Uber drivers get deactivated for low ratings?

An Uber driver can get deactivated for low ratings. The minimum star rating is 4.70. If drivers drop below this star rating threshold, thus reaching 4.64 or anywhere within 4.6 range, they may receive a notification to improve ratings or risk additional recourse. At least Uber has class, which we can't say about Lyft.

Lyft has deactivated many good drivers based on star ratings. One good driver dipped to 4.79, and got immediately deactivated the same morning, a mere 10 days before Christmas. Lyft approved them to get a car, which after 3 weeks of driving this car the cruel and thoughtless Lyft deactivated this driver and put them out in the cold. Very cold treatment from a terrible ridesharing company. Don't let the Pink Mustache fool you. Hiding behind this trade dress are demons and devil horns.

Uber won't surprise their drivers with immediate deactivations for low ratings. This ride app platform will give their drivers the benefit of the doubt. They know that driving drunk clients can be challenging, to say the least. As long as drivers remain professional, they should be able to maintain their driving position.

Drivers may receive a notification with an offer to turn in the Uber phone and/or accept a probationary period to boost ratings. We're not sure if this is still in effect or whether Uber's policy has changed on ratings and deactivations.

Lyft may have lowered their star rating standards. On another website, where the owner shared Lyft earnings, a driver with a 4.76 rating was considered good. As you can see on the left side panel of this website, there is a article that shared a Lyft driver who received a 4.79 and this stated, "Needs improvement." On that same morning, with all 4 flags activated and two previous Community Review flags for 4.5 stars after first 24 rides and 4.77 since after the first warning and a few drunk riders submitting unfair feedback, Lyft deactivated this driver and claimed ratings were their reason.

Lyft is by far the worst ridesharing company in the world. We received a lot of feedback from other deactivated Lyft drivers. One female Lyft driver actually got harassed by her passengers and Lyft did nothing to help her. Several other Lyft drivers were deactivated in a month, a week and even after a weekend. How is it possible to get deactivated after giving rides on your first weekend? At Lyft, anything is possible. They manage the worst Performance Review Department. If Lyft operated this way in the private sector, they would have major problems.

At Uber, you can expect to receive better treatment. They treat their drivers with respect. Their support system is ratable, so drivers can determine if a support member efficiently helped them or berated them on an issue.

In our opinion, Uber and UberX drivers should adopt these principles to survive at Uber:

  • Don't lose your temper. 
  • Never argue with clients. 
  • Learn the area, so you know which routes are best. 
  • Listen to client's directions, if they want you take a certain route. 
  • Use GPS
  • Accommodate all clients.
  • Apologize for any delays or wrong turns. 
  • Accept personal accountability.  
  • Be nice and courteous. 
  • Supply phone chargers. 
  • Greet and introduce yourself. 
  • Make them feel comfortable and special. 
  • Offer them to roll down the windows. 
  • Ask if they want a/c or heat. 
  • Don't talk too much or not enough. 
  • Measure your clients' personalities. 
  • Drive safely. 
  • Don't speed.
  • Don't wear your anger and frustration on your sleeve (i.e. stopping fast or taking off fast to prove a point).  
  • Stop at all stop signs.
  • Talk positive about Uber
  • Thank the client for their service. Tell them it was a pleasure driving them. 

If you follow this script, you shouldn't worry about deactivation from the Uber platform. At Lyft, we can't promise you this ridesharing company will appreciate your service. You can make every trip memorable. You can return phones to passengers. You can console vomiting riders who are embarrassed. All it takes is one drunk passenger who feels they got overcharged by $2, and you're done as a driver. It doesn't matter if this passenger lacked insight to provide proper directions. If this rider had given the right cross-streets to their driver in the beginning, maybe this driver would not have struggled to make a living. Uber is good. Lyft is evil.

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