Thursday, October 23, 2014

What are the requirements to become a SideCar driver?

SideCar made news as the first ridesharing company to sign a contract with a major airport (SFO) and receive a permit for their drivers to operate there. In the next 30 days, SideCar is carving out the airport system so drivers can drop-off and pick-up riders without worrying about citations.

This is the best time to driver with SideCar. Currently, SideCar is days away from launching a new update to their already cool ridesharing app. The SideCar app will feature awesome enhancements to equip drivers with efficient tools.

SideCar sets minimum requirements to drive on their ridesharing platform. The following 5 requirements are necessary to become a SideCar driver:
  1. Must be 21 years old
  2. Must have had a valid Driver's License for at least 1-year
  3. Registered vehicle you are authorized to drive and have insurance on
  4. 4-door and 2-door vehicles that are 2000 and later
  5. California Driver's License if driving in this state
SideCar will accept 2000 year vehicles, where UberX requirements 10-year old restrictions are about to phase out 2004 vehicles this upcoming January and 2005 in January 2016.  

SideCar competitive advantage:
  • Allowing 4-door and 2-door vehicles and 2000 year and after.
  • Drivers can set their own prices via multipliers tp earn more.
  • Set mile filters on pickups and drop-offs to avoid having to travel outside of cities. 
  • Block rude passengers.
  • No need to ask riders the destination, as all addresses are prearranged. 
  • Get paid 4-5 days after giving rides.
  • See cost of ride before picking up the rider.
  • All-in-one interface.
  • Choose a preferred navigation app to use: Google Maps, Waze and/or Apple.
  • Improve no-shows by speeding up pick-ups or get charged cancellations.
  • Back-to-Back ride requests to reduce downtime.
  • Unique rating system based on awesome, good and bad rides.
  • Manually request available payments through app to be deposited in bank.
  • View previous rides on app such as a map of the route and the riders' names, cost of trip after commission, and time trip started. 
  • Guaranteed payment for rides if rider's payment declines. Pends for 2 weeks and is automatically available on behalf of SideCar. 
  • No schedules. Drive when you want. Work as many hours as you prefer. Take breaks whenever. Go online or go offline. 
  • Great newsletters to inform drivers of upcoming events, driver hotspots and driving tips.
Take a ride as a SideCar passenger to watch and learn how this rideshare app works. Learn about Shared Rides, a SideCar carpool service that enables Sidecar drivers to pick up multiple riders who are going in the same direction. The SideCar driver app will provide directions to guide drivers and make them feel comfortable with this type of ride service.

Sidecar just launched Sidecar© Deliveries to give their drivers access to same-day delivery services. Local Bay Area, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Washington D.C. businesses rely on same-day services to transport packages and items around their respective regions. This delivery service is opening new income opportunities for Sidecar drivers to expand their earning potential.

Sidecar holds weekend promotions to bonus drivers. If drivers meet the 25, 50, and/or 75 trip levels, Sidecar will bonus their drivers. The top driver in each major Sidecar region will receive another bonus. Sidecar has also held weekly promotions to reward weekday drivers. They launch commission rebates during events and busy weeks. For the most part, you want to become a Sidecar driver to maximize your ridesharing earnings. Sidecar is making quick moves to reach elite status.

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Happy Ridesharing with Sidecar! 

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