Wednesday, October 08, 2014

UberX passenger shares insight on ridesharing

An UberX client shared their insight on Uber and Lyft with a ridesharing driver. This feedback is extremely valuable to reveal some problem areas within ridesharing companies.

This UberX client indicated that recent UberX cars appear as taxis. They have those slip seat covers which are vinyl. The vehicles smell like taxis. Furthermore, these UberX vehicles are not as clean. He credited his UberX driver as having an excellent vehicle and this reflected the image of Uber. 

In contrast, the UberX client believed the low quality in UberX rides are in direct result of taxi drivers losing business to ridesharing and jumping ship to rideshare app companies to recoup lost earnings. It is also believed that car service companies are losing millions to these ridesharing companies. 

Another perception of these low-quality rides is that taxi drivers are becoming ridesharing drivers to ruin the service. As clients and riders begin to experience what they disliked about taxis, this will limit their usage of ridesharing services. It can be viewed as sabotaging the industry that ruined your livelihood. 

This UberX client shared that Lyft vehicles are in poor quality. He has been driven in old vans decorated with personal themes, such as things taped on seats and other things hanging around the interior space. The Lyft drivers he usually encounter are "Soccer mom" type of drivers. 

The Uber app GPS is also poor with pinpointing pick-up and drop-off addresses. It is off by a block, telling a driver to go through blocked roads and barricades. This UberX client noted that the app never seems to fail with informing a driver to drop him off a block off from his destination. 

This UberX client would like to see a new GPS system where drivers can monitor client location in the same manner as clients see drivers approaching. It will give drivers the ability to know if their clients are approaching them in the right or wrong direction. Clients are quick to judge drivers who must travel to them using different routes when roads and ramps are closed, when a request arrives after an exit, and in following in-navigation. All drivers see is the original client location at the time of their ride request. 

This UberX client also shared that the new ETA feature is flawed. It gets stuck and keeps showing the same time. When a driver arrives, the ETA still claims the driver is a few minutes away. Even when the driver pressed arrived on the app, the client is not notified of their arrival yet. Another problem area is that text messages of a driver's arrival are sent to client close to the end of a trip. A driver receives calls from a client while driving them to their destination. 

The ETA feature can help and hurt ridesharing. Clients assume drivers are lost. It doesn't account for traffic and road conditions. When placed side-by-side with Google Maps, the ETA is usually off by 3-4 minutes. Clients are quick to cancel rides once they see the time to destination increase. This is not an accurate feature, and can cause low ratings. 

This real feedback from an UberX client is honest. They believe UberX vehicles are regressing in quality. There needs to be better regulations on vehicles. People use ridesharing to get away from taxis. GPS problems and ETA issues are a relevant concern. Notifications arrive late. Lyft vehicles are poor quality and too busy with decorations. These are the real facts on ridesharing from an avid user.