Wednesday, October 29, 2014

UberX female client vomits in plastic bag

We can't stress the importance of stocking up on vomit bags and plastic bags. These bags can save your night. If you scoop up a drunk rider(s), they may not appear drunk as first. Well into the ride, these drunk people all of a sudden get sick and then goes your night. Fortunately, this UberX driver prepared himself and got out of a jam.

At the pickup in the Oakland Hills, two riders entered an UberX ride. One male client got dropped off down the street, in the Oakland Hills where there are deer and raccoons. This client shared that angry foxes hang out in this area. The UberX driver was tasked with driving a female rider to her home.

Luckily, the UberX driver shared another tough incident regarding drunken riders. This female rider mentioned that she may get sick soon because she drank too much. Her rating of 4.3 may have explained this risk, this upcoming episode waiting to unfold.

The UberX driver gave this female rider a plastic Safeway bag. She is not your typical drunk rider who is rowdy and unpredictable. This female rider shared with this driver that she was not feeling well. Once this car reached the freeway, the female rider began to vomit a storm inside this plastic plan. It was a strong bag to hold all of that vomit.

This female rider apologized for vomiting inside this bag. This driver asked if he should pull over. She said no, and to keep going. She would do her business in this bag and take it with her.

This female rider continued to apologize. The UberX driver was thankful for this rider telling him ahead of time so he could prepare.

In the end, the female rider made no mess. She took her vomit. This trip ended successfully. The UberX driver gave the client a 5 star for keeping them in the loop.

Prepare for drunk riders. West Hollywood Costume Carnival on Halloween is another risky event to drive people. Expect Giants fans, who are celebrating their third title in 5 years, to party tonight, tomorrow and on Friday night after the parade. San Francisco will be extremely busy!

Buy cleaning supplies and store them in the trunk. Get Latex gloves and air fresheners. Visit a local store to get vomit bags. These vomit bags will be your best friend. Don't leave home without them.

Happy Halloween! Congratulations San Francisco Giants!