Monday, October 27, 2014

UberX drivers beware of drunk riders

San Francisco Giants and baseball fans who will be watching upcoming Game 6 are bound to be drunk. If drivers are requested to give these classless clients a ride, they have the right to cancel these trips upon approaching severely drunk clients and their wasted friends. UberX drivers must beware of drunk riders.

Drunk riders are the most disrespectful clients on Earth. They have no respect for personal vehicles. These clients never listen to drivers who offer them vomit bags, in case of a potential accident.

Vomiting riders make ridesharing a seriously terrible job. Would you want a random personal vomiting inside your luxury vehicle? It happens often, so drivers must protect their vehicles.

The moment a client and/or rider vomits, there is a lot of cleaning that must be performed in order to prepare this vehicle to hit the road again. Exterior vomit accidents from clients hanging outside of windows, dispelling their stomach contents in a moving vehicle, can be cleaned and disinfected to continue on. However, interior vomit mess is a whole another game.

Fortunately, cleaning supplies are available to purchase at Safeway. Ideally, drivers will save money purchasing these cleaning supplies at Walmart and/or Target. In the late night, these stores are likely closed and cleaning must take place quickly to avoid damage.

The worst vomit disasters involve vomiting riders and cloth material seats. These drunken clients leave a mess on cloth material seats, where the vomit chunks and juices seep into the seat lining. Once this occurs, a driver is done driving for the night and may miss a few days after. An initial response to this vomit disaster requires cleaning out the alcohol marinated chunks, disinfecting the surface, spreading baking soda to soak up the acidic contents, and then repeating the disinfecting and baking soda steps again.

Floorboard vomit will require a few hours of cleaning. This cleaning and disinfecting can become a grueling process, nothing that driver expects to be doing during busy nights. Drivers have hope to clean this vomit mess, disinfect the interior space, and continue driving on the road again.

Drunk riders ruin ridesharing for responsible people who need this service to get home from work. Take into account vomiting riders to make your decision to become a ridesharing driver. Whereas this event doesn't happen often, encountering vomiting clients can lead to lost money and interior damage. Sports events attract the most disrespectful drunken riders, so beware of these pickups. If clients co-riders create problems, notify the client you will cancel this trip. Good luck!

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