Thursday, October 16, 2014

UberX driver first UberPool with 2 clients

UberPool is a carpooling service Uber recently launched back in August 2014. UberPool gives Uber clients access to additional savings. This carpooling service is available in beta in San Francisco.

How does UberPool work? Clients who input destination addresses are connected with clients who are going in the same direction. These clients are closely matched so no time is wasted making pickups. The Uber app is precis; it informs the driver with on-screen instructions. 

The first UberPool client already knows there is a second client joining this trip. Once the UberPool driver confirms pickup of client #1, the prompt leads them to client #2. When client #2 is picked-up, the in-app navigation leads the group to a particular location. Client #1 destination is shown first. 

The Uber app makes this ride connection based on inputted destination addresses. UberPool wouldn't work if clients don't order this service and don't input a destination. This ride app is highly sophisticated; it matches riders quickly and keeps the carpool moving. 

Client #1 is dropped off at a distant location. The Uber app informs the driver exactly where to go. After this drop-off is made, the app will request the driver to confirm this. 

Next, Client #2 needs to be dropped off within the same region. Thus, the UberPool driver follows the in-app navigation to this location and confirms this destination. This driver clicks "yes" on the prompt. Once all clients are deposited into their destinations, the UberPool driver sees the total cost of this trip. Client #1 and Client #2 share the cost of the ride. However, the price after the split may be off by a dollar or less depending on the distance traveled to pick up Client #2. 

UberPool can now rate the two clients in sequence. Client #1 rating is requested. Rate Client #1. Next, Client #2 rating is requested. Rate Client #2. Submit the ratings for both. If there is a trip question, then click on fare review underneath the trip cost. Choose the problem that best describes this problem. If this trip went well, go back online. 

All prompts will specify the name of the client, so there are no mistakes with making the wrong drop-offs at the wrong time. Of course, these clients already know their destination. 

UberPool is unique because two strangers are riding together. This helps the driver to connect with clients because is unlike solo rides in which too much talking can impact a star rating. For the most part, this carpool service is meant to function as social media on wheels. Therefore, UberPool drivers don't have to worry whether they should talk or should remain quiet. 

UberPool clients who are not matched-up with another rider are given 20 percent off to ride alone. The incentive is there to ride solo or to ride with another client. 

An UberX driver took part in their first UberPool trip. They drove previous clients under UberPool, but these were solo rides and didn't require multiple steps. 

An UberPool request arrived in the early morning. This UberX accepted this ride request. He reached Client #1 and greeted her. She was already waiting outside, so the driver shares this is a seamless process. Nevertheless, the Uber app indicated they would be going to a particular destination. 

The client mentioned another client would be matched up in this ride. The prompt asked if Client #1 had been picked-up. Driver confirmed pick-up of Client #1. He is given directions to reach Client #2 in 3 minutes. Client #2 is waiting outside at the exact pin location. Driver greets Client #2.  

Driver clicks on prompt to confirm pick-up of Client #2. Now, the in-app directions guide driver to Client #1 destination. Once Client #1 is dropped off at their intended destination, the driver confirms this action. Prompt pops up on screen, informing driver of Client #2 destination. This destination is within the same region as Client #2, though this location is about less than a mile away. 

Driver drops Client #2 off. As the driver did with Client #1, he thanks Client #2. Driver confirms Client #2 is at destination and ends the trip. The Uber app enables this driver to rate the two clients sequentially. As there are no problems with this trip, the driver submits the ratings and goes back online. 

"UberPool is awesome," the driver says with a smile. What made the ride even more great is that surge pricing applied to this trip. Most importantly, the two clients were very nice and respectable. It made the drive to this destination a rewarding experience. 

Luckily, the two clients were heading into this direction and to this distant destination because the cost to transport one client there would have been excessive. Due to high demand in their pick-up areas during the morning, surge pricing of 2.5x was factored into this trip. Without surge pricing, this trip would save the client between 20-30%. Even with the surge pricing applied, this trip would cost way less than a taxi. 

UberPool is a bargain ride and unique to ridesharing. All clients must do is understand how this carpool service works and willingly welcome another client into this ride. Essentially, clients are riding in a private space, in a nice car, and there is little downtime. UberPool is: two willing clients, two nearby pick-ups, and two closeby drop-offs. It is as easy as 1-2-3.  

UberX drivers should take the pool dive to make consistent fares. It is not as hard as it seems. The Uber app instructs the driver the entire time. These are easy directions from first pick-up to last drop-off. UberX drivers are hybrids; they can drive on both the ridesharing platform and UberPool. It depends on the ride requests that arrive, given the driver is ready to perform carpool services. 

Experience the next trend in ridesharing services with UberPool! 

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New UberX drivers can signup here to become an UberPool and UberX driver. In ridesharing, UberX and UberPool are the best of two worlds.