Thursday, October 16, 2014

UberX clients and inputting destinations

Uber clients can input destinations like SideCar. This action can help UberX drivers make quick pick-ups in busy areas. Did you know you can change addresses on multiple drop-offs?

Uber clients may request multiple drop-offs. If this Uber client is willing to do so, they can input these addresses into the app after reaching each location. However, the challenge is that this client must be present at the time of this address change.

Unfortunately, this client who needs a drop-off first can't input another additional address in real-time. Drivers can request their clients to input multiple addresses if they are the last rider to need a drop-off.

The in-app navigation works in a driver's favor because they can click on the "navigate" button to receive direction to the next location instead of inputting another new address into Google Maps and/or Waze. The Uber system only allows a new address one at a time.

An Uber client ordering a ride for another rider can change addresses while an UberX is in motion. Try experimenting with changing addresses on multiple drops. This Uber app is quickly becoming a unique ride app.

We commend all drivers who had to endure all the challenges the original Uber app presented them. Fortunately, the clientele and ride requests were lucrative enough to mend these challenges.

Input an address before a pick-up and change this address for another co-rider who needs a different drop-off. Enjoy the new address feature.