Monday, October 27, 2014

UberX client claims there are rarely any Lyft rides available

An UberX client traveling to a developers conference at Mission Bay (October 25, 2014 on Saturday morning) shared that Lyft drivers are rarely available at the times she needs them most. Is it possible that Lyft is in really high demand? Or are drivers not working the early AM hours to give rides?

UberX drivers are loyal to their ride platform. They drive during slow and busy times. The best drivers are available in the early and late evenings, as well as the early AM hours.

As former Lyft drivers shared, they used to drive morning commute hours, evening commute and high demand weekend hours. They won't waste their time working on regular weeknights and on Sunday late nights, as these are the slowest times and are not profitable for them.

This UberX client gave up on Lyft. She can never find a Lyft available to drive her in the early morning - before 6am. She commutes to San Francisco via BART. Once she arrives into downtown SF, she requests a ridesharing platform to drive her. Lyft has failed her.

In this current time, this UberX client can depend on UberX to be reliable. There won't be a "all drivers are busy right now" message like Lyft. If Lyft showed loyalty and didn't unfairly deactivate their good drivers, they would have more drivers on the road. It is Lyft's poor ethical standards that impact their rider base.