Monday, October 27, 2014

UberX client and their Lyft ride credit

According to an UberX client, Lyft provided her with $30 ride credit to become a new customer. Unfortunately, this Lyft passenger took a short ride and didn't fully maximize this ride credit.

As usual, Lyft disappoints their user base again. They wiped out the remainder of this Lyft passenger's ride credit. Does Lyft expect their new passengers to use the majority of the $30 ride credit?

We have firsthand accounts that Lyft disrespects their drivers. As recent as December, a 4.79 star rating would get a driver deactivated from their ridesharing platform. Lyft probably realized they set the minimum rating too high and reduced it since then. Loyalty does matter to Lyft. They don't care whether you succeed as a driver.

This female Lyft passenger deserved to retain the remainder of her ride credits and use this at a later time.  For example, she may have taken a ride for $8 and had $30 available to use. Therefore, this client should have $22 left to use at a later time. Lyft wiped out the remaining $22. It is unfair to eliminate the remainder of this ride credit ($22).

In our opinion, the primary goal at Lyft is to increase their passenger and driver base. When passenger and driver ratings drop, Lyft deactivates these accounts and recruits new members. It is a poor business model that we see impacting their ridesharing business. It is not sustainable to operate in this cold manner. Poor word-of-mouth will eventually doom Lyft.

As for this Lyft passenger, she refuses to use Lyft again. Taking back the difference of this ride credit shows poor ethics. Why offer $30 and take back what is used. Instead, offer less because most new riders won't travel as far with cheap fares. It takes an airport fare to use $30 ride credit.

Is Lyft that thoughtless to provide free ride credit and require new passengers to them right away? A $30 fare could take a passenger nearly 20 miles. Unless a new passenger is taking a 20 mile trip, they are losing out on this ride credit on short trips.

A better business model is to give new passengers $15 or $20 ride credit. If this passenger uses all of this ride credit on their first ride, then they pay the difference. However, new passengers who take rides less than the ride credit should retain the remainder on a future ride.

Essentially, Lyft is depending on this new passenger to keep taking rides. If you wipe out this ride credit, you are breaking a promise to these riders. Allow new Lyft passengers to use their remaining ride credits in future trips. This UberX client refuses to use Lyft ever again.