Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Uber offering gas savings in SF is not helpful

An Uber driver who shows their phone at a Cesar Chavez gas station can receive 5 cent and 10 cent per gallon savings on their gas. This gas savings will only work for drivers positioned near this gas station location.

As big as San Francisco is, an Uber driver would be unintelligent to waste valuable time taking a trip to this gas station. If they need gas right away, it is not worth the risk to take a long journey to save less than a dollar.

An UberX driver reported driving a client from the East Bay to San Francisco. Once they dropped this client off near China Town, they had only 10 miles of gas remaining. This Cesar Chavez gas station was about 15-17 minutes from their drop-off location. They decided that with steady surges going on, the best mode of operation would be to get gas at a nearby gas station that cost $4.03 for Super Unleaded.

For the most part, most ridesharing drivers won't be positioned near this gas station to receive savings. What if Uber drivers are in the Sunset and Richmond districts? Will they make a trip out to this Cesar Chavez gas station to save a dollar or two? Probably not. In that time of travel, they will get rides and go further out.

San Francisco is a large city. It can take 30 minutes to travel into the furthest point. In traffic, the travel time increases to distant districts. Uber drivers can't waste 15-30 minutes driving down to this gas station to save money. Most ride app drivers who live outside of SF already have gas in their cars.

Unless Uber designates additional gas stations that cover all parts of San Francisco, the gas savings is pointless to help drivers.