Sunday, October 12, 2014

Uber first time clients receive $20 off on first ride

Heard of Uber? It is a trendy ride app that gives Uber clients the ability to request a ride from the closest Uber driver. UberX is Uber's popular ridesharing service where drivers own their personal vehicle. Want to get a ride from an Uber Black, Uber SUV, Uber XL, and UberX?

Uber is giving new clients $20 off on their first ride. If you never used Uber before, you are definitely missing out. People are extremely happy to get a ride from Uber in the middle of the night. Uber drivers will travel directly to your pickup address and take you anywhere you like.

Uber is a cashless system. Trips are charged to stored credit cards. This is a widely trusted ride platform. With $20 off your first ride, why not go out tonight and enjoy yourself? Let an UberX driver take your friends, family, significant other, and anyone else to a hotspot in your town and/or city.

UberX drivers own some of the coolest cars. Don't be surprised to get picked by a BMW, Mercedes and/or Lexus. In Los Angeles, $20 will take you at least 14 miles if the road conditions are in your favor.

If you don't spend the entire $20 on your first ride, the remainder of this ride credit may be available or unavailable the next time around. Spend more than $20 and your stored credit card will be charge the difference.

We recommend UberX because this ridesharing service is one of the most popular on the Uber ride platform. It is by far the cheapest ride in town, even cheaper than Lyft. UberX drivers will pick you up in a hybrid, economical vehicles and luxury cars.

What can you use UberX for? The following are most popular destinations under UberX clients:

  • Go to the movies
  • Go to work
  • Go home after work
  • To commute with other clients
  • Go bar hopping
  • Go to clubs
  • Go to restaurants
  • Get home from a friend's house 
  • Pick up another friend to take them home
  • Buy groceries
  • Take a ride home from Metrolink, BART, Subway and other transit services
  • Take a date home
  • Go home after a concert
  • Go home after special events
  • To professional sports events and back home
  • To job interviews
  • To meetings
  • Blind dates
  • Use if car breaks down
  • To run errands
  • Go shopping
  • Go to college class
  • To perform community services
  • Out to lunch
  • To hotels
  • To the airport (depends on city)
  • Take pet to the veterinarian
  • and much more

Download Uber ride app at and input promo code ts958u to get instant $20 ride credit. Enter this promo code in the account section under "Promotions" and your $20 ride credit will appear.

If trip cost less than $20, your stored credit card won't get charged. However, a trip that cost more than $20 will be charged for the difference. For example, a $25 trip will cost you $5 with this promo code.

Get an Uber right now. Happy Ubering!